Break Limits. Go Beyond.

Tap Into Your Potential & Create A Life You Love.

Most of us are living a limited life…

Let’s keep it real…

You wake up day after day and nothing changes.
Same ish, different day right?

You try to start a new project, write that book, or launch that business.
Yet, you never finish it or see it through.

You want to quit your bad habits and addictions.
Then you think, “just one more time, after this I’ll quit”.

You hate your job and want more freedom.
But you’re afraid to take the leap.

Meanwhile, you scroll through social media…
…everyone around you is living the dream.

Even though we know social media is everyone’s highlight reel.

We can’t help but ask…

Why not me?

The truth is, it’s not your fault (not entirely).

It’s true, life may have dealt you a crappy set of cards.
But you’re holding back…

…you sense it, you feel it.

If other people have succeeded throughout history, even with the odds stacked against them, why not you?

You KNOW there is more in you.
You KNOW there is something there.

You’re just not sure how to tap into it.

Wake up call

I felt the same. I woke up every day and felt lost.

I grew up pretty poor, living in a tiny trailer with just my mom.

Growing up I wanted much more, so I embraced the hustle mentality.

At 16, I started side hustles and did odd jobs to make money while working several jobs to pay for college.

But nothing really helped.

My jobs sucked, I graduated with huge student debt, an empty bank account, and a rocky relationship…fun.

I was only 21, still young, but I thought “is this really the life I dreamed of?”

Then one night, a group of friends and I were driving home.

My friend lost control of the car, and we found ourselves plunging towards a ditch.

Before we knew it, we slammed into a tree.

I crawled out of the backseat, face hurting from the exploding airbag.

I saw my friend in front of me crawling out the front seat, gasping for air.

I immediately checked on both friends who we’re hunched over.

Somehow we got lucky, the car was totaled, but none of us had any major injuries.

Just some cuts, bruises, and really sore body parts for several weeks.

That close brush with death was enough to make me realize life is too damn short.

To think, I could have died at 21. All the things I didn’t get to do.

I finally had enough.

I went on a search to find answers.

I Googled, read books, and hired expensive coaches.

I visited Buddhist templates and Indian ashrams to meditate with gurus and monks.

I even did odd things like hire psychics, rebirth experts, and float in sensory deprivation tanks…yes, seriously.

Basically, I tried anything I could to find answers to creating a better life.

I wanted to find out why I couldn’t stick to my goals, stop bad habits, or succeed in life.

Turns out, the answer was simple.

Then one day, during a simple daily meditation, it hit me like a ton of bricks…

Like the young adventurous Santiago from the book “The Alchemist”, I had been searching outside myself for treasure and answers…

…when all along the treasure was at home.

Specifically, the treasure was within me.

It was a simple answer all along.

I immediately felt this odd sense of calm I can’t really put in words.
The world stopped and I felt this incredible sense of peace for the first time.

Then it went away. Crap…

…I wanted that feeling back.

Eventually, I got it back. Over the years, with the continued practice of simply quieting my mind.

With practice, I have been able to tap into this peaceful flow state when I need it most.

This peaceful state of flow allows me to focus, get creative, and come up with new ideas.

It also allows me to stop stressing about crap in life so much.

Life can get better for you

Tapping into this flow state of mind had other perks too I didn’t plan for.

I was able to quit my job, travel for months at a time, visit dream destinations like Hawaii, Paris, Italy, and more. I was able to create a six-figure income from home and work with celebrity clients.

Looking back, I haven’t had a real job since I was 25 years old and for the most part, I can do what I want, when I want.

It helped my relationship too. Even with rocky challenging moments, I’ve been with my high school sweetheart for over 15 years.

I even got over my fears of putting my artwork out in the world and doing art shows.

Now I’m no Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, or Steve Jobs, but I’m cool with the life I’ve built so far.

To me, it’s all about adventures and experiences over acquiring material things.

I enjoy my life and the journey I am on. To me, that’s all that matters.

Now I want to share my “secrets” with you.

Tap into your potential

The truth is there are no secrets.

If you’re looking for secrets or answers, I am here to tell you that they are within you.

They always have been.
You just have to stop and listen.

I’m no guru, nor care to be one.
I’m just sharing what I’ve experienced for myself.

After trying nearly everything to find answers, here is what actually works for me to this day:

  1. Meditate – Seriously, meditate often. Try at least once per day, in the morning if possible, or before bed. This isn’t some “woo woo” thing. Science is proving the benefits of meditation. Tons of great men and women throughout history have used it across all religions, cultures, and beliefs. Trust me, just try it out. Sit quietly, and do nothing for 2 minutes. Then slowly increase it as you get better to 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and 20 minutes.
  2. Stop complaining – Complaining puts you in a poor mindset. For some reason, it also brings more stuff to complain about. Just think about someone you know that complains a lot, usually, they keep getting more to complain about. When you catch yourself complaining, stop. Then find a way to be thankful for it instead. There is always something to be thankful for, especially if you’re still alive reading this now. Try this out for 30 days and watch what happens. “Thought control is life control.”
  3. Manage your life battery – Manage your energy well. I like to look at my life like a battery. When our phone battery gets low we freak out, but we don’t pay attention to our own life battery. Do more things that recharge you, and eliminate what drains you. Be ruthless about this. It’s simple but powerful. Eliminate anything that drains you including foods, substances, or addictions. Add more things that fill your battery like exercise, meditation, or good company. Spend less time with people that drain your battery and leave you feeling low. The same with your career or business. Pursue a job or business that fills you with energy, and quit the ones that drain you. I like to say, “If it fills…do it at will. If it drains… abstain.”

That’s it.

No courses to buy, no need to go to sit in a cave in India.

Simple, easy, and anyone can do it.
Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking it’s more complicated than that.

This is my not so secret sauce.
Don’t take my word for it, just try it and see what happens for you.

Practicing these 3 simple things, eventually, you will tap into that quiet place where your potential sits. You will unlock more clarity, focus, and peace. The more you eliminate battery drainers in your life, the better you’ll feel.

You will eliminate that crap holding you back too, and finally do the things you keep putting off.

Eventually, you’ll wake up and realize your life is pretty darn good.

So, what’s next?

I’ve shared with you 3 simple life-changing “hacks” that have helped me quit my job, work from home, build online businesses, travel the world, and much more. Most importantly, I have found my own happiness and continue to tap into my potential.

A potential I believe is unlimited within each of us, and only limited by our imagination and efforts.

You don’t need anything else from me.
Honestly, you could take these 3 simple ideas and change your life.

That being said, some people have asked for more. Specifically, the “how-to” and specifics behind things like meditation, building a freedom business and being more productive.

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