Story Behind the Site

un·​tapped  \ ˌən-ˈtapt \ – not drawn upon or utilized

The Untapped Life is about helping you access your untapped potential to achieve freedom in all areas of your life. Get tips and resources from myself and other experts to clear the clutter in your life, focus on what’s important, create stuff you’re proud of, live life on your terms, be more productive, and find your happiness.

Hopefully, it helps you if you’re looking to earn more, live more, and be more without sacrificing who you are and deserve to become. Most importantly, I hope it helps you draw upon your untapped potential to release it and show the world what you’re made of.

Behind The Site

My name is Antonio Rillera.

I’m just a regular guy. After seeing that I was stuck in a dead-end job in the basement of a hotel, unhappy, and living at my lowest potential I had enough. I said screw it, it’s time to start living! I quit mediocrity to pursue freedom & happiness. I gave up the typical 9-5 lifestyle, office politics, and traffic jams to pursue a full-time living as a freelance designer working on my own terms.

Eventually, I stumbled my way around and was able to make a full-time living doing what I wanted. These days, I am lucky enough to enjoy a remote lifestyle, working wherever there are good coffee and Wi-Fi, building products, and things I am passionate about.

I created this site to share the things I’ve learned in building a lifestyle you love waking up to each day with fewer limitations in all areas of business, fitness, family, and relationships.

This is not another blog about how to get rich, work 10x harder, or manifest things out of thin air. I’m not a guru, nor do I want to be. This is just me, a regular guy, documenting his life experiences to show what worked for me and what hasn’t. I’ll also bring on experts who’ve also tapped into their potential, remove limits, and went for it in life.

When I’m not doing “business” stuff, you’ll find me writing here, creating art, traveling, meditatingreading, practicing martial arts, or spending time with friends and family.

Join me over on YouTube where I put up videos on business, lifestyle design, mindfulness, productivity, and more.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to personally respond to all emails, and I don’t take guest posts requests at the moment. No ads or requests to promote anything at this time either.

Thanks for being here, and welcome.